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Covid-19 Business Update: 

In line with government guidance and the advice from Reiki professional bodies, please be aware that there will be a 'new normal' for treatments. 


In order to assist in these guidelines, I will be asking you to: 


  1. Please arrive for your appointment AT your appointment time, where I will meet you, so to avoid waiting in the waiting area. 
  2. You will be required to wear a mask throughout the appointment. I would ask you if possible to bring your own, however I do have disposable masks should you need.
  3. Please bring your OWN water with you as we will not be offering water from the clinic, to minimise the risk of any infection.
  4. I ask that you DO NOT come in for your appointment on the day if you have: a tempreature, persisitent cough, feel ill. Please contact me to notify that you cannot come to the appointment. 
  5. Please be aware that I will not be able to accept cash, I will be able to ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS ONLY. 


What I will be doing to ensure our mutual safety: 


  • All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised before and after each client visit.
  • I will be wearing a visor throughout each treatment.
  • Where possible, I will call you prior to your appointment to condcut an inital consultation. 


Please do contact me if you have any questions at all. 


Thank you for your understanding! 


~ Reiki Heidi

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A Question of Reiki: Beyond the Surface of Energy Healing

By Heidi Wirth


A new in-depth guide on Reiki today, this book seeks to address the many questions that come up about this energy healing practice. This is not a 'how to' of the practice, but it does cover the basics, and offers thoughts on Reiki as more than just 'energy healing', delving deeper into how we think about Reiki. A broad range of topics are covered, including anxiety and depression, the chakras and tandens, the Reiki precepts, Reiki to change habits, as well as more esoteric subjects such as Shamanism and spirit guides. 'A Question of Reiki' cuts through the confusion, encouraging the reader on their own path, and keeping the practice simple. Whether you are new to Reiki, are just curious, or you are an experienced practitioner or master, this book has something for everyone.