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A Question of Reiki: Beyond the Surface of Energy Healing

By Heidi Wirth


A new in-depth guide on Reiki today, this book seeks to address the many questions that come up about this energy healing practice. This is not a 'how to' of the practice, but it does cover the basics, and offers thoughts on Reiki as more than just 'energy healing', delving deeper into how we think about Reiki. A broad range of topics are covered, including anxiety and depression, the chakras and tandens, the Reiki precepts, Reiki to change habits, as well as more esoteric subjects such as Shamanism and spirit guides. 'A Question of Reiki' cuts through the confusion, encouraging the reader on their own path, and keeping the practice simple. Whether you are new to Reiki, are just curious, or you are an experienced practitioner or master, this book has something for everyone.


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Reiki is a very simple and easy practice to engage with, as it requires no tools, no resources, no complexities - just an open mind. In this busy world, where our attention is demanded from many sources, Reiki is a great way to come back to ourselves, to rest and reset, to destress and to find that peaceful core within. 


What is Reiki? At its core, the simplest explanation is that it is 'energy healing' (see the Reiki page for more information). But the way that I like to describe it is that it is akin to meditation: it has the same effects and benefits that meditation brings, except it is the practitioner who is holding that peaceful, meditative space for the person receiving Reiki. In this space, you can relax deeply, and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and into alignment. Reiki helps us to ground and to come back to ourselves.


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