Heidi Wirth Reiki 

Reiki for Health & Wellbeing


I first studied Reiki in 2004, and I fell in love with the practice immediately. I spent 10 years getting to know this energy healing practice, its effects, what it meant to me, and the theory and meaning underpinning it. In 2013, I took the decision to set up my Reiki business - and I loved it. I spent the next nine years being a professional practitioner and teacher of Reiki, based in Norwich, Norfolk in the U.K. 


Although I am not currently in professional practice, I have learnt much through my time teaching and being with others, and with my full focus on Reiki practice. It will always be a part of me, because it is such a good simple practice to help maintain a balanced and healthy mind, body & spirit. Reiki is a fundamental aspect of my lifestyle and well-being.


My book, A Question of Reiki: Beyond the Surface of Energy Healing, was first written during the first Pandemic lockdown, as a way to keep in touch with Reiki, but also in answer to the many questions that I saw coming up online in social media groups and forums. It is a response to answering the questions about this energy practice, and how we can utilise it in a practical everyday way to help ourselves and others, whether we are straightforward and practical, or lean more towards an esoteric outlook. It is a book intended for anyone interested in Reiki, whether you are new and are just curious about it, or you are an experienced practitioner or master.





I am not currently running any Reiki courses.

2023 onwards - Further courses may be available from 2023, please check back here for further updates, or get in touch with your query.


                                email: publishing@alpheccabooks.com