The Chakras

Chakras are energy centres located along the central line of the body. Each chakra corresponds to the specific body area  around it, and particular aspects of a person’s thoughts and feelings.

The chakras help to align the whole of the self: the way that a person feels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If a chakra is blocked, under-active or over-active, then it results in an imbalance in how we feel. This can then affect us in our outward life – our physical feelings, our attitudes towards ourselves and others, and our emotional behaviour. If all of the chakras are open and working perfectly, that is when a person feels in complete balance and harmony.

The Chakra Body

The Root Chakra, base of the spine: Grounding, security, comfort, survival. 

The Sacral Chakra, just below the navel: Past issues, sensuality and sexuality, freedom, trust. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra, between the lowest ribs: Men’s power centre, self-confidence, balance, addictions.

The Heart Chakra, between the breastbone: Compassion, self-love, emotions and emotional issues.

The Throat Chakra, at the base of the neck, in line with the collarbone: Expression, emotional expression, creativity, communication.

The Third Eye, or Brow Chakra, centre of the forehead: Women’s power centre, psychic perception, oneness with life, personal realities.   

The Crown Chakra, top of the head: Spiritual connection, openness to all life, enlightenment.

How the chakras work

To give you an example of how the chakras and Reiki healing work:

If someone is feeling nervous, shy, and doesn’t like to be assertive, they would have a blocked Solar Plexus chakra. A Reiki healing at this chakra point would clear any stck or blocked energy and help to revitalise the person, allowing them to regain confidence and self-esteem.

Stress and anxiety, a common problem in society today, can be linked to various chakras, depending on the actual root cause of the problem. Healing the crown and third eye can help to calm the mind and bring a feeling of peace and clear thinking; healing the heart will help to promote self-love; the solar plexus boosts confidence;, the sacral deals with past emotions; and healing the root chakra helps a person feel secure, connected within themselves, and grounded in where they are and what they have.

The chakras are all linked together: there is a flow, or merging, between them, which is why it is important in a healing to work with each chakra. The issue a person is going through may feel like one thing, e.g. a headache, but the cause of that issue may be rooted elsewhere. Hence, healing the whole body ensures that every chakra has been cleared and that the cause of the issue being experienced is being healed, rather than just healing the symptoms, which may return if the cause of it is not also cleared.

We may say to ourselves “I can’t stomach this” when something bad is happening. When we think this, over and again, it can start to affect us physically – resulting in an actual stomach pain. Thus we think we are having stomach troubles, but the cause of this pain is the situation that we feel we cannot cope with. Another example of such a negative self-affirmation is “I’m carrying such a burden”. Burdens are typically held on our back – so we may end up with having shoulder or back pain because of the specific way we phrase our problems. These physical problems are painful – but if the root cause can be healed, rather than just the symptom, then the benefit is to the person as a whole.