Shamanic Practice: Advanced Course

Location: Inner Space, St Benedicts St, Norwich

Please see the Events Timetable for course dates

This Course can only be taken after the Introduction to Shamanic Practise course has been completed. Advanced Shamanic Practise focuses on deeper aspects of Shamanic practise, and on healing others. This course can be taken for personal or professional development. A professional practice certificate will be given upon completion. This course is taught over a weekend with a third follow up day.

The cost for this course is £205 per person, including a deposit of £45 to secure your place on the course.

Maximum Class Size: 6

Please Contact Me to declare your interest in this course. 

Advanced Shamanic Practise: Healing Others, follows on from the knowledge and skills learnt in the introductory course, and builds on this to take the practise further. We will delve into our own inner state, Journeying safely to the Shamanic cosmos with our spirit Guides, and how to obtain answers for ourselves and others for the process of healing.

In this course you will learn:

  • Reflections on your journey and knowledge so far in relation to Shamanic Practise
  • Soul Retreival, for self and for others
  • Past life healing, for self and others
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Shamanic Healing for others
  • The use of Shamanic tools and totems in healings
  • Trusting your Guides, and the Shamanic Cosmos, when Journeying
  • Cleansing, Protecting, Grounding
  • Recoginising and dealing with intrusions and attachments
  • The role of the professional in Shamanic Healing practise
  • How to recognise appropriae Shamanic treatments for clients
  • Practical work: Healing eah other
  • Closing ceremony

There are many different ways that we can Journey, and help others as well as ourselves through Shamanic practise. During the inital weekend of this course we wil go through the different tools we use, and ways that we can Journey to help others. There will be plenty of time for practical work to learn how to work in a balanced way that opens up both intuition and structured knowledge in working practise. You will have time to work on others in the group to lay a strong foundation of your knowledge and skills.

The third day, which takes place some weeks after the initial weekend, allows you to time at home to reflect and absorb on what you have learnt, and to practise. Homework is required in the form of case studies, to show your practise, reflection and understanding of this deeper work with shamanic skills. The third day comprises of more practial work to consolidate your understanding.

A professional practise in Shamanic Studies certificate will be given to each student upon completion of the course, allowing you to integrate Shamanic healing into your professional work. However, this course may also be taken for personal and spiritual development. 

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