Who Can Benefit From Reiki? 

Reiki is for everyone! 

Quite simply put, Reiki can be of benefit to anyone and everyone, of every age, in every condition. From babies and children, to older age, and everyone in-between; from those that are mentally and physically healthy to those that have on-going or longstanding physical, emotional or mental health issues; from those that are undergoing other medical or alternative therapy treatments, to those who who have not tried any other therapy before - Reiki can be given to anyone at almost any time. 

Why? Because Reiki is safe, gentle, holistic and has no contra-indications. As an energy therapy, it has no side effects. Due to the nature of Reiki, it works on every level of a person's being; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, which is why it can be used for a wide range of issues - or merely to stay in optimal balance.

Reiki can be used by someone who is perfectly fit and healthy, to give a 'boost', keeping the mind clear and calm, and feeling aligned within one's self. It is greatly relaxing, and this sense of relaxation enables one to keep in perfect mental and emotional balance. A regular Reiki session can help a person to maintain their best state of being, in body, mind and spirit. 

For those who have some issues in their lives, whether, physical, mental or emotional, a Reiki healing session helps to balance the energy within, bringing a sense of peace of mind, calm and stillness, and helping the body and mind both to relax. This feeling of deep relaxation can help the body to use its own natural resources for self-healing. Reiki, being holistic, seeks to get to the root cause of the problem, finding what is causing the symptoms being experienced, and helping to address the deeper issue. Reiki helps to bring the energy of the self - one's Ki

back into balance, which in turn helps natural healing in the mind and body to take place. 

As well as people who are healthy but looking for relaxation and an energy boost; children; and those experiencing difficult issues in life, Reiki can also help: 

  • Pregnancy
  • Sports training, professional sports, athletes
  • Students
  • Anxiety and/or on-going stress related issues

 By working with the mind and body, Reiki helps to reduce stress at every level, alleviating aches and pains, anxiety and tension, and emotional stress. Once the body and mind are relaxed, calm and stress-free, thought patterns and mental clarity follow. 

Our bodies, minds and emotions are inextricably linked. When we feel out of sorts in one area, it is very easy for

this to impact on the rest of our being, which can become a self-perpetuating cycle. Stress and tension can bring on physical symptoms, as it lowers our immune system making us more susceptible to physical illness. Conversely, feeling physical aches, pains and strains can affect our thinking, as our thoughts can constantly turn towards the way we feel physically, overshadowing everything else, and thus lead to negative thought patterns. This can affect us emotionally - if we feel hurt, or stressed, it can be difficult to keep a positive outlook, to think of the good things in our lives. 

We can help ourselves to balance once again in mind and body, by being aware of the way that we feel in thought and body, and to address any issues before they take over and impact the rest of our being. By being aware of the signals of our body, of our mind and thoughts, and emotions, we can get back into well being quickly. This is how Reiki can help - by tuning into the issues that are affecting us, finding and reducing the physical, mental or emotional issue, and allowing space and time to bring this into balance within our being.