Usui Reiki First Degree (Level One)

 Location: Inner Space, St Benedicts St, Norwich

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Reiki Level One teaches the basic theory of Reiki Healing, an introduction to the chakra system, and

the attunement process for initiating the student into the Reiki energy. We will also go through the practical application of Reiki healing: the hand positions and meanings for healing on the self and on others. 

This two-day weekend course will include the practical experience of Reiki healing: healing the self, healing others, and receiving a Reiki healing from another. A full Reiki instruction Handbook is provided for each student. 

Reiki Master Heidi discussing Reiki theory

Reiki healing energy is for anyone who is interested in improving their own self from the inside out. Reiki can aid the self in dealing with all kinds of issues, big and small, mental, physical, emotional, and helping us along our own unique spiritual path. Reiki opens us up to the world of energy, intuition, self-awareness, and compassion. Not only do we become of service to others, but also of great service to our self - which is just as important. 

 Whether you are looking for something 'different' to learn, looking for a way to help clear any self-issues, interested in energy healing, or looking for a complement to your spiritual path, then Reiki initiation is for you. Many people, including myself, find the process of becoming Reiki-attuned highly life-transformative. 

 The cost for this course is £120 per person, including a booking deposit of £40, which is required to confirm your place. 

Please Contact Me to declare your interest in this course.