Private Groups Reiki Workshop

 Location: Complementary Health Care Clinic, Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AX

               Or At Your Convenience

Would you like to learn Reiki with your friends, family, or work colleagues? 


I am now offering private Reiki training workshops! 

Whether you would like to learn Reiki together for a specific reason, or for curiosity, Reiki can help you in your daily life to achieve a calm mind and a structured, holistic way to maintain positive well-being.


Learning Reiki with your friends, family or colleagues means that you will have an immediate Reiki circle around you, able to help each other and give Reiki treatments to one another whenever you need it, for physical, mental or emotional help and holistic healing. A private group of Reiki means that you will be at immediate ease, and have the pleasure of sharing the Workshop with those that you know. 



Reiki Training is typically 12 hours, and I offer private training as a bespoke service - you can choose what is right for your group:


2 full weekend days (6 hours each day)

2 full weekday days 

3 days of 4 hours each day. 


Your group can be 2 - 5 people. 

Cost: £120.00 per person, including a booking deposit fee. The deposit will depend on the group size and workshop location.


These workshops can take place at:

The Complementary Health Care Clinic

Your workplace

In some instances, for smaller groups, my home residence


There are no set dates for these courses - please contact me to discuss and arrange a booking for your very own private Reiki training!


If you are an employer, and you are interested in arranging a Reiki training workshop for your colleagues and employees as an interesting well-being training package, these workshops can take place at your workplace, at a time to suit your needs. Please contact me to discuss the best arrangements for you. 


Reiki healing energy is for anyone who is interested in improving their own self from the inside out. Reiki can aid the self in dealing with all kinds of issues, big and small, mental, physical, emotional, and helping us along our own unique spiritual path. Reiki opens us up to the world of energy, intuition, self-awareness, and compassion. Not only do we become of service to others, but also of great service to our self - which is just as important. 


New! Available from June 2021

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