Indian Head Massage Treatment

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a nice gentle and relaxing treatment that is benefical for relieving stress and feeling good. It is a great treament on its own, or can be  combined with Arm & Hand Massage or Acupressure (Seated Massage). Many people report feeling good both during and after the treatment.

Indian Head massage can be tailored to each individual. The full treatment takes up to 30 minutes, and works on the back, shoulders, neck, head and face. As it can be tailored, you can choose the areas to work on and to leave out a particular area if required.

The benefits of Indian Head Massage are:

  • Feel good massage
  • Can help alleviate stress
  • Aids in increasing mental alertness
  • Can help to bring about physical and emotional calm
  • Can help to reduce stiffness, tension and soreness around the neck and shoulder area

Reiki can also be added to this treatment for a truly holistic experience - please enquire when booking.

Indian Head Massage is gentle, and the treatment is done seated and fully clothed.

Please contact me to book a treatment or for any queries.