Reiki: - Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reiki healing require physical contact?

No. Reiki energy works just as well if the healer’s hands are placed just above the recipient’s head and body. The healer does not have to touch the recipient for the healing to work.

Does it require any religious belief or faith system?

Reiki is universal energy, and thus does not, itself, ‘belong’ to any religion. It works alongside any religious belief or faith, and works just as well without any religious or spiritual belief system.

Is it likely to hurt?

Not at all - a Reiki healing does not involve any physical manipulation of the body, so not it does not hurt. Quite the reverse in fact! 

How long does a healing session last?

Between 45-90 minutes, depending on how much healing is needed.

Will I just need one session, or more?

Again, this depends on your own particular circumstances, what it is that needs healing, and how deep or long-lasting your issue is. This is something that we will discuss after the first healing session. Reiki has an accumulative effect – the more healing you receive, the more benefit from it that you will feel.

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for absolutely everyone –children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women and even animals. There is no risk element involved with Reiki, nothing can ‘go wrong’. Reiki’s healing properties can be felt by everybody, whether you have a particular condition, or are just curious to try it. As long as you are open minded and allow the energy to flow through you, you will feel the healing effects, no matter who you are or your circumstances.

Are there any side effects?

Not the type that you might expect, such as the ‘side effects’ list on various conventional medications. 

Sometimes, if there is an intense emotional problem, Reiki healing can cause ‘a release’: this is where intense emotional feelings are let out, and the recipient can find themselves crying, screaming, or laughing hysterically. This is very rare, but if it does happen, it is a perfectly natural way of letting go of pent up feelings, and the healer will encourage and support you through this. It’s not dangerous but can feel strange and uncomfortable – but the after effect should see you feeling much, much better in yourself for having had this ‘release’.

The only other side effects of Reiki are all positive – feelings of calm, contentment, peace, clarification of thoughts, feeling balanced and in harmony with every aspect of yourself!

Can I use Reiki instead of conventional medication?

I, and indeed most Reiki practtioners, would never advise this. If you have a condition that requires particular medication, or your doctor has advised you to take medication, then it is certainly advisable to do so. Reiki has many benefits, but it is NOT a miracle cure! It works well alongside conventional treatment, and can certainly help facilitate the healing process, and/or give you peace of mind, but it is NOT a substitute for conventional medication.