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New Service!

Pay what you can, starting from £3.50 - £20.00

 I have teamed up with the amazing Judy of Moonstone Ceremonies, to offer this new service for anyone who needs it:

Distant Reiki Healing


These current times have been challenging, and trying for many. Therefore Judy and I feel that there is one thing we can do to help, and that is to send Distant Reiki to anyone, who feels they may benefit from this service.  




We want Reiki to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, in any situation. Therefore we are asking only for a minimum donation to access this service, whatever you feel you can afford.  Whether you feel mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, physically in pain or overwhelmed - Reiki may be able to help.  Reiki, as an energy based healing modality, can help to bring a sense of calm, peace, and general well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.


Distant Reiki is when we 'send' Reiki without the need to be physically present. Reiki can be sent across distances, for that sense of calm and well-being to still be received, no matter how many miles lay between the sender of Reiki and those receiving it. You remain in your home, or wherever you are, and take some time out for yourself, while the Reiki practitioner sends Reiki from wherever they are, by focussing on you and your energy, and allowing Reiki to work in whatever way it is that you need, to bring some balance and alignment, from the inside out. It works exactly the same as a physical session - the practitioner will focus just on you, during an appointed time, sending Reiki to you, for 30-45 minutes.

We are a team of 2 individuals, willing to send Reiki to anyone who asks. Contact us to book an appointment, and one of us will get in touch with you to take some details from you, and to book your appointment time. You will need to make the donation prior to the appointment time. 

At least one Reiki practitioner, or BOTH of us, will send Reiki to you at the appointed time, dependent on who is available at that time. We will let you know prior to the appointment who will be sending Reiki to you. We will then contact you shortly after the session for feedback and a well-being check up, and to answer any queries that you may have. 

Please note that you will receive the same service from us, whichever donation you choose to make.

You can see who we are below. 



                              Heidi is the owner 'Reiki Heidi', and has over 16 years of experience working with Reiki. Heidi                                has been practicing professionally and teaching for seven years. She offers face to face                                        appointments working at The Complementary Health Care Clinic, Exchange St, Norwich. You                                can find out more about Heidi on the About page.





                             Judy is also a Reiki Master, having started her Reiki journey in 2016. Judy has spent most of                                 her working life as a nurse, and so has the medical background and knowledge to complement                               the holistic healing of Reiki. Judy is now a professional celebrant, and started her business in                                 2018 - Moonstone Ceremonies, based in Norfolk.





Both Heidi and Judy are dedicated to the path of Reiki and are passionate about the positive effects that Reiki can bring to a person's life in a holistic manner.


If you have a preference in whom you would like to contact you, please let us know in your message to us.


Distant Reiki is for anyone who feels they need a little help and a little boost right now, whatever your situation, and wherever you are. You might be an NHS worker, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed; a parent, tired and struggling; a Carer; a teacher; struggling with depression, or anxiety; someone suffering from physical pain; overwhelemed with the current pandemic and the regulations; or something else entirely. Whether you are young (over 16) or old , male or female, and whatever your background - we are here to help, whatever your situation, we make no judgements. 



How Do I Make An Appointment For This Service?



Please be aware that we must contact you prior to the appointment to take some details from you. This can be done via a telephone conversation or by email, whichever you prefer. 


We cannot guarantee any results from Reiki - it is an energy based healing system, and works for the individual to help well-being. Therefore it is different for each person. We do not make claims about the results from Reiki, in person or as a distant treatment.


If you would like to book a Distant Reiki Healing Donation Based Session then please:


1. Fill in the form below with the relevant details.


2. Make Payment using the payment option below.


3. We will contact you to take your details and confirm your appointment time. At this stage, we will give you all necessary information pertaining to the appointment, and answer any questions that you may have.

We can offer Distant Reiki with or without a Zoom conference before and after the session - this will be discussed with you, as to your personal preference.



4. Make a note of your scheduled appointment time. We will contact you shortly beforehand to remind you when we will be ready to send Reiki to you. Give yourself some quiet time at the appointment time. 


5. We will contact you, with your permission, shortly after the session, to have a brief chat with you and to answer any questions. 


Donations paid cannot be returned, except in the case that the practitioners cannot make the confirmed appointment.

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Distant Reiki

What Makes Us Different?


With this service of Donation-based Distant Healing, we treat this as a bespoke appointment service. We will focus just on you for the appointment session, just as if we were seeing you in a face-to-face appointment. An in-person 30 minute session is usually £20.00. We are offering this donation based service to help anyone who feels they need a little extra holistic help, in an affordable way. We spend the same amount of time in contacting you before and after as well as on that session itself as if it was an in-person session.

You will receive a before and after consultation from us, so that we can ask you any relevant questions, and for you to be able to ask us any questions. We follow up with you after the session to see how you are feeling and for you to give feedback. 

You have the opportunity to give us your preferred method of contact - phone, email, or Zoom. 

And of course, there are two of us working together, so you may receive healing from both of us! This 'Team Reiki' makes us unique!

Please be aware that the number of healers involved will depend on who is available at the time. We will confirm with you prior to your appointment who will be sending Reiki to you.

And all this starting from just £3.50!