An Introduction to Shamanic Practice

Location: Inner Space, St Benedicts St, Norwich

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This Course introduces you to the connection of intuition, spirit, land, and the deeper aspect of the self.

It teaches the history, connection and role of the Shaman through time and cultures, and what this role means for us today in

modern society, and how we can, our self, become a Shamanic Practitioner to deepen our understanding and connection.

The cost for this course is £165 per person, including a non-refundable booking deposit of £45 to secure your

place on the course.

Maximum Class Size: 6

Please Contact Me to declare your interest in this course. 

This introductory course focuses on practice and healing for the self, and how Shamanic practice can help us to deepen our

own connection to our self and spirit, how we can help to heal our self from within, and connect with the nature and spirit of al

l things.

 A certificate of attendance will be given to each student on completion of the course.

A second course: Advanced Shamanic Practice: Healing Others, folows this course and moves the focus from the practice of

the self to utilising Shamanic practice in helping to heal others on an energetic and spiritual level. The Advanced course is

certified and can be taken for professional integration.

The course structure for An Introduction to Shamanic Practice is as follows:

  • The history & theory of Shamanism: what it is, what Shamans are & do, traditional Shamanism vs Contemporary Shamanism, personal practice & in the community.
  • Working with the Other/Spirit Worlds
  • The World Tree & the Three Worlds
  • The 4 Directions & the Elements
  • Working with Guides & spirits - finding one's own Guides
  • The Shamanic Cosmos
  • The importance of the drum & rattle: Trancework
  • Cleansing, Protecting, Grounding
  • Inhabitants of the Shamanic Cosmos & working with them
  • The role and nature of different Otherworld Guides: Animal, Human, Plant, Elemental
  • Journeying - what it is & how we do it
  • Enter the Journey: The Middle, Upper & Lower Worlds
  • Walking between the worlds
  • Manifesting into Reality
  • Understanding the wisdom of the Cosmos

The weekend consists of discussion, reflection, sharing experiences, and time to write down experiences, as well as practical work of Drumming, using the rattle, and Journeying - mediatative and trance work.

This course is a beginner's course - no experience is necessary: Just a keen interest in the subject and development of one's own self.

Those with some knowledge, and with a healing background, are very welcome.

If you are unsure if this course may be for you, please contact me by email or phone and I will be happy to answer your