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What is Distant Healing? 

 As Reiki is universal energy, there is no barrier to sending this healing energy to someone far away. It does not need direct contact to connect and heal a person. I still find this an amazing benefit, as it allows healers to reach friends, family and clients that they cannot, for various reasons, be with directly. Distant healing can be sent from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, and it will reach the intended recipient.


How Does It Work?

The Reiki practitioner sits quietly with their full attention directed toward the person they want to connect to with Reiki healing. If possible, the recipient should also be relaxing and in a quiet place where they are not going to be disturbed. This is not necessary for the Reiki healing to reach them, but it does mean that the recipient is more likely to feel the energy as it is sent to them.

The Reiki practitioner thinks about the person they want to direct the distant Reiki to – for example, seeing an image of the person in their minds, or, for a client they have never met, thinking about the details that person has told the healer about themselves, and voice of the person if they have had a conversation on the phone. As long as the healer has some details of the recipient to make a connection with, they can focus their attention on that as they get ready to send the healing. The healer holds this in their minds as they begin the Reiki healing, visualising the Reiki energy and light, and directing to the recipient.

A distant healing will be given the same amount of attention, focus and time by the practitioner as a direct healing session, 45- 60 minutes, depending on the amount of healing that is needed.


How do you know if a distant healing is working?

I understand the skepticism that some people may have with the idea of distant healing, and this is why my personal preference is to see a client first, either for a chat or a for a full session, before doing any distant healing.  The client then has a more informed idea of myself as a person and practitioner, and also a clearer idea of how Reiki works and what to expect during the healing session.

A distant healing works exactly the same way as a direct Reiki healing: the recipient may feel sensations of warmth, cold or tingling, have visions, clarification of thoughts or ideas, or feelings of calm and peace, of feeling in complete harmony, or even feeling that a light is surrounding them. Every Reiki experience varies, which is why it is hard to clarify exactly what someone may experience.


What happens next?

With a distant Reiki healing session, I will follow up the healing with a telephone call or email, depending on the your preference, to review how the healing went – just as I would review with a client in a direct healing session. We will discuss here any feelings, thoughts, and effects of the healing session, the possibility of subsequent sessions, and anything else that may be relevant.


Distant healing is accessible to all

The wonderful benefit of a distant healing is that it can be accessed by anyone, with no barriers getting in the way. I said earlier that my preference is to see a client first, however it is always the client’s choice and if they wish to have only distant healing sessions, I would be happy to oblige.

I believe that Reiki should be accessible to as many people as possible, and so the less barriers that are in the way of people receiving Reiki, the better. Some people may not be able to, or may not wish to, receive a direct healing, and this is where a distant healing would be beneficial. For example:

  • If you are housebound
  • If you suffer from Agoraphobia
  • If you have severe anxiety issues and do not want to enter a strange building or see an unfamiliar face
  • If you have a serious, debilitating illness
  • If you simply do not have the time to arrange a visit for a healing session, because of a very busy lifestyle, e.g. being a 24 hour carer
  • If you are not happy with, or cannot find any Reiki healers in your area and want a Reiki healer from further afield (yes, even a different country!)

This is just an example of people who may benefit from distant healing, and it is by no means an exhaustive list. If you cannot access the business premises that I work from for any reason, an alternative to a distant healing session is a home visit, which can be arranged in certain circumstances.  

If you would simply prefer to have a distant healing session rather than a direct Reiki healing, I would of course be happy to arrange this. In all cases however, I would need some contact with you first, by phone or email, to get an idea of who you are, and the reason you wish to have a Reiki healing.


Please Note: A Distant Healing session may not be suitable for everyone. I will ask for some information regarding your circumstances to ensure that a Distant Healing is appropriate for you.

For further enquiries, or to request a distant healing, please see the Contact Me page to get in touch with me. Please see the Treatment Prices page for the cost of a distant healing.

Due to the nature of distant healing, I do require payment at least 12 hours in advance, as I will book you in my diary just like any other session. I will then contact you to confirm the payment has been received.