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Reiki And Sports

From individual sports to team games; from training to being in the field; from stress to injuries - at any level of sport, Reiki can help within the sports arena in a variety of ways. 

To understand how Reiki may be able to help you, the sports person, first we need to look at the key aspects of Reiki itself: 

  •  Helps to calm the mind, reducing feelings of stress and tension

  • Can help to aid physical recovery and reduces pain levels.

  • Helps to balance emotions, calming and clearing feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, etc.,

  • Great for stress relief

    • Helps with sleep patterns and to get a good night's sleep.

  • Boosts the body's own immune system.

  • Helps to boost the circulation system.

  • It is a gentle, relaxing, natural therapy that compliments medical and other holistic/alternative treatments.

  • It has no contra-indications with any prescribed medication, or with any physical or mental health condition.

  • Brings a feeling of peace and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

  • A Reiki treatment leaves an individual feeling uplifted, positive, and fully relaxed.


So how, exactly, does this relate to the sports person and their performance within their field? 

To be at your best, to do the best within your chosen sporting field, often a tight, strict regime of diet, training and lifestyle needs to be maintained. This in itself may produce a level of stress, and also tiredness. As Reiki works on every level - physical, mental, and emotional - it can help to counter-act the potentially stressful effects of training and the sport itself in a number of ways. 



  •   With busy schedules and tight, strict routines, Reiki helps you by reducing feelings of stress and tension, allowing you to concentrate on your aims, goals and objectives.

  • It can aid and reduce physical recovery time from sports injuries, pains, and inflammations, allowing you to get back into training and 'match-ready' fitness more quickly.

  • Calms and clears the mind, helping you to feel relaxed and free of worry, stress, anxiety, fear.

  • Can aid control of habits, diet, addictions: it can help you to keep on the track that you need to be – e.g weight control, toxin reduction (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs).

  • Can aid confidence and self-esteem, which enhances sport-based performance.

  • By bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit, Reiki can help you to achieve your full potential. It helps by removing fears, anxiety, stress, and other issues.

  • Reiki enhances the natural, positive aspects of the individual, and brings this to the fore, boosting these feelings and attributes, both within and without.


    Physical Effects


  • Reiki is accumulative, and therefore has a continuous, ongoing effect.

  • Reiki is retrospective – e.g. past injuries/old pains & aches will be affected positively by ongoing Reiki treatments

  • Reiki can help to counter-act the continuous physical stress of the sport by:

    1. Improving readiness/performance
    2. Increasing recovery time, including inter-training recovery; recovery from injuries; match tiredness and fatigue
    3. Maximising the effect of sports training
    4. Helping to minimise the risk of future injury
  • Reiki can help to slow down chronic wear and tear conditions.



     Mental Effects


  • Reiki boosts and enhances mental clarity and thought processes, enabling you to perform with greater focus and concentration

  • By releasing stress and anxiety from the mind, the sports person can relax more thoroughly. This allows for better sleep, which in turn helps with physical performance.

  • Being under the amount of pressure that comes with each sport, stress and tension can build and affect the individual, as well as team engagement; team performance, and social interaction. Reiki can assist in the management of the emotional stress and pressures of sports.

  • Reiki is restorative, helping to reduce tiredness and increase alertness.


     Emotional Effects

  •  Reiki can assist in relieving and dissipating past emotional issues. This can have a positive psychological impact, which allows you to let go of any issues that may cause anger; fear; anxiety; continuous stress. The release of these aspects will help you to engage more fully in the present moment, and thus with greater clarity and concentration on your performance, ability, and engagement.
  • Reiki helps to boost self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation and willpower. This can help with your self-belief in your talent and abilities.

  • Reiki brings a sense of calm, peace and general well-being. This relaxed feeling can aid you in remaining focussed, free from stress, and confident in your physical and mental strength.


45And Finally....

 Through the natural ability of Reiki to increase the well-being of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of an individual, this holistic therapy treatment could be a great benefit to anyone in the world of sport.

As outlined above, the potential to reduce the risk of injury, recovery time from injury, and enhance performance can greatly benefit the individual, as well as - if appropriate - the club as a whole, both in terms of individual player and club performance.


  • Reiki cannot be used too much. The more that it is practised the more effect it has. It can help to enhance general well-being as well as performance, and aid in keeping you in peak condition.

  • I believe that the benefits of Reiki for the sports person could have a noticeable impact on drive, motivation, self-esteem, and physical health.