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Reiki During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be a very trying time for some women, causing a variety of physical issues and also emotional stress. The body goes through a lot of changes, and does not always cope well. From swollen joints, to nausea, headaches, and backache, to broken sleep and fatigue. Added to this can be the stress of preparing for the baby's arrival, the change in hormones that cause emotional stress, mood swings, and a sense of fragility. Pregnancy can present many challenges throughout the duration - so how can Reiki help? 


Reiki for mum 

A Reiki session will usually start at the head: allowing Reiki to flow at this area helps to calm and clear the mind, bringing a sense of relaxation and peace. Once the mind is calm, the body follows suit - this aids self-healing by allowing the body to rest. In a relaxed, rested state, the body is at its prime to use its own resources for self-healing. In this way any physical aches, pains and other issues can be reduced and minimised.

The clinic provides comfortable chairs, if lying down on a therapy table is not a comfortable position for you. Reiki can be done with the recipient laying or sitting - however you are comfortable.


From the head, the Reiki healer moves down the body to the throat, heart, lower ribs, navel and 'root' areas (by the hips). Sending Reiki to these areas allows the energy to move through the whole body, on the emotional and physical levels. Any pains being felt in any of these areas could be reduced, leaving the whole body feeling in a deep state of peaceful relaxation.

As Reiki works with the Chakra centres, emotional balance can also be brought to bear on these areas, which then helps to effect emotional calm, clarity, reducing feelings of stress and tension, and balancing the emotional body. Working on the root area helps physically to reduce feeling of pain in and around the hip area, and on an emotional level, helps mum to feel more centred and grounded.

Of course, it follows, too, that when mum feels relaxed, baby is relaxed - so the effect of Reiki on mum can be beneficial to baby, too. 


Reiki for baby

Reiki is perfectly safe and will not, in any way, harm the in-utero baby. In fact, babies in the womb seem to love Reiki! It is as though they can feel the energy flowing in mum's body, and respond to it with movement! I can attest to this from personal experience - my own child loved Reiki and was at his most active when I sat down to give myself a Reiki each evening. 

Reiki can be done over mum's bump, allowing Reiki to flow directly to the areas near baby - or that area can be avoided, if preferred by mum, working only on the upper and back areas of the body, and legs. The preference for the Reiki treatment is entirely yours, for your comfort. I will work with you to tailor your Reiki experience to your individual and personal needs. 


Reiki from the second trimester to preparation for birth

Although Reiki is perfectly safe and has no contra-indications, the first trimester of pregnancy is the most delicate time. It is my personal preference to use Reiki during pregnancy from the second trimester onwards - and indeed, Reiki can be used right up to the time directly before birth (It can be used during birth too, as it could help to alleviate birthing pains). 

Ongoing Reiki sessions in this way may help a pregnancy progress with less pain, less emotional stress, and help mum maintain a positive and emotionally healthy outlook, with less physical stress. 

 If you have any queries about Reiki and pregnancy, or would like to book an appointment, please do contact me.