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Anxiety And Stress-Related Issues


For some people, anxiety and stress are just 'passing feelings' that have to be coped with. But they can also be so much more than that, causing real issues in a person's life, that can be a struggle to deal with. 

Anxiety; Stress; Depression - many people have had to deal with one or all of these during their lives, to one extent or another. At the least, these feelings can be uncomfortable to deal with: at the extreme, they can have life-changing effects. 


So How Can Reiki Help With Anxiety And Other Issues?


I can speak about this from personal experience - I've been there, I've had to deal with the mental and physical effects of stress and anxiety. So how can Reiki help with these issues? 

The simple core of Reiki healing is to bring relaxation and stress-relief. It does this by working on every level - the physical, mental and emotional, and as it works on each of these levels, Reiki helps to calm and clear the mind, bringing a sense of relaxation and peace, which helps to calm the body, so that the body feels relaxed too. 


Often - and we are not always aware of this - the mind-body connection is very real and physical: if we are stressed in our mind, carrying around doubts, fears, and anxieties, this can come out physically in the way we hold our bodies, e.g. tense shoulders, tensing muscles, clenching our jaw. Without realising we are doing this, the amount of tension we hold in the muscles, or shoulders,or back etc, can then cause aches and pains. So our body starts feeling bad, and we are then carrying around the stress of feeling physically 'ill' as well as the mental stress that may well have caused the physical symptoms. This can become a self-perpetuating cycle if we are not aware of it. 

Thus, as Reiki relaxes the mind and body, it can break this mind-body stress cycle, giving you space and time to fully relax, allowing all tension to ease and dissipate. 


When caught in anxiety or depression, the mind often latches on to certain phrases and thoughts. Again, this can happen so quickly that we are not aware of the original thought - but it is these thoughts that can hold us in a negative pattern. Negative phrases that are repeated over and over in our minds, whether we are aware of them or not - begin to have an affect on us, causing us to believe these negative thoughts about ourselves. 

Once again, through the relaxation that Reiki brings to the mind, it can help to break this negative thought cycle, allowing the mind the time and space to release these thoughts, and bring your whole being into a more centered place, where you can perceive yourself from an objective state of being. This new perception can help you to realise your life or situation from a new perspective - one that is more positive.


Reiki also helps with fatigue, tiredness, headaches, and broken sleep patterns. Quite often, people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression, also suffer from insomnia or broken sleep. This causes tiredness during the day, which causes more stress, and even anger. By helping to bring about a better night's sleep, Reiki allows you to feel more balanced and healthy and reduces the feelings of stress.


At a deeper level, as Reiki works with the Chakra system, it can help to address the deeper issues of what has caused the stress/anxious feelings, and what is continuing to cause them. By working with the chakras, Reiki can help to shift the feelings, and shift your perception and state of mind, to see and think beyond the current feelings to a way that you can help yourself through the process into a more positive and healthy aspect. Whether the feelings of anxiety, stress or depression stem from an unresolved emotional issue, too much physical stress, or continual mental worry, Reiki will seek to redress the balance from within, helping to restore your natural sense of self, and gently clearing the 'stuck' energy, bringing you to back to a grounded and centered perspective. 


For deep or longstanding issues, it can take several sessions or more to get to the root cause of the issue and begin the clearing process. Reiki is a holistic approach, and works with you as a whole person, allowing clearing to take place at a pace that suits you on a personal basis. 

For further information on how Reiki can help you personally, and for any queries, please contact me.