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 Seated Massage and Indian Head Massage

General Interest Course, non-certified


 Location: Complementary Health Care Clinic, Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AX

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This course is for anyone who would like to learn how to give a good massage for general interest, and to be of benefit to family and friends. No prior experience is required. 

 Seated Massage TreatmentSeated Massage Treatment

Seated Massage, also known as Acupressure, is a seated massage that works with pressure techniques to give a good firm massage to relieve aches and pains, and stiffness and tension from muscles. An Acupressure massage is given to the back, shoulders and arms for an all-over feel good stress relief. It really helps to loosen the muscles, and get rid of knots and tension build up.

It is a blend of massage and pressure point work to help relax the body, and can be given to help with specific issues, general tension and stiffness, stress relief, or just for relaxation!

This course combines Acupressure with Indian Head Massage, which also works on the back and shoulders, along with the neck, head and face, to soothe and calm, bringing relaxation and stress relief all over, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

A massage of Acupressure and Indian Head massage is a wonderful feel-good treatment that many people feel leaves them feeling lighter, calmer, more relaxed on all levels.

This is a great treatment to share with family and friends.... it is quick yet effective, and can be gentle or firm to suit the needs of the individual. It is done seated and fully clothed. The treatment can be tailored to the individual, and can be given as a quick 10 minutes, up to half an hour or even 45 minutes, if needed.


Couples, family members, and friends are welcome to book onto this course together - a great way to learn massage and have someone to swap with at home!


 The cost for this course is £45.00 per person.

Maximum Class Size: 6

Please Contact Me to declare your interest in this course.