Reiki Shares

Location: The Complementary Health Care Clinic, Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AX

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: £5.00 per session if more than 5 people confirmed attending: £10.00 if less than 5 people attending.

Confirmation of attendance for each Reiki Share required.


Reiki Shares are group meetings that welcome all Reiki-trained people to come together to give and receive Reiki on each other.

The session gives plenty of time for each person attending to receive healing, often from several people at once, and to have a chat and share experiences if so desired. The Share group takes place on a Thursday evening each month.

All Reiki levels and styles are welcome, and you can book a place on just one session or multiple sessions.

Reiki Shares are great for:

  • Meeting other Reiki healers
  • Boosting your confidence in your Reiki practice
  • A regular opportunity to receive Reiki yourself
  • Talking to like-minded people, asking questions, sharing experiences


                         DATES OF REIKI SHARE MEET-UPS:

                                  13th September

                                  11th October

                                  8th November

                                  13th December

                                  10th January 2019

                                  7th February 2019

Maximum Class Size: 10

Please Contact Me to book a place at a Reiki Share evening.


Every 2nd Thursday, monthly.

Prerequisite: Attuned to Reiki - all levels and styles are welcome


In these sessions we will have time to greet each other, and to go through a brief Meditatation, before sharing Reiki.

This is a relaxed and friendly meet-up  group, and everyone, of any Reiki level and style, is very welcome.